“Hair is a reflection of your personality, wear it like you mean it.”

-Joey Oso

Joey Oso is a NYC based Freelance Hairstylist. Joey always had the creativeness in him, from when he was really small. He would take apart his GI joe’s and use a leg from one figure and put it onto another figure. He’d inter-change all their bodies around. He Paint them different colors. Joey Oso’s creative light was bright inside him. In his early 20’s He became an Actor and was an Actor for 10yrs but treated it more like a hobby. While an actor he was working in the world of marketing full time, the whole shirt and tie thing in Manhattan. Then after 10 yrs of Marketing, he turned 33yrs. Joey started feeling like his light of creativity inside him was dimming. This wasn’t him, this marketing stuff. Joey wasn’t fully satisfied with his life. He needed more. He just didn’t know what. That’s when Joey started researching online. Researching different new career choices. Over-looking easily a lot of great career choices. Then,  he ran into “Become a Hairstylist.” His Eyes lit up, big smile on his face, harps were playing in his head.  The fact that he can learn Hair and become a Hairstylist, Joey Oso knew instantly that, that was for him. Like a calling that a priest would have. The first Beauty School he visited would be his last, because that was the school Joey enrolled in. That whole process of first seeing hair schools as an option online to enrolling into a beauty school in person, took Joey only 2days. Once in Beauty School the creative juices inside him were overflowing again like when he was a kid. He was back!!! Alive!!! The creative light inside him was brighter than ever. That’s when he knew this is where he needed to be!

Imagine that you’re standing outside a dress store and you’re fascinated by a dress in the window and decide to go in. You’re excited about it, you put it on and feel fabulous wearing it! You buy the dress, take it home and wear it a few times…then, one day it makes it to the back of your closet and you suddenly have nothing to wear. The dress didn’t change, it didn’t become less fascinating- it stayed the same. What happened? The trends changed. That dress no longer keeps up with the current trends. Hair and Beauty Industry is the exactly the same way.

The hair and beauty industry is Joey’s passion. He has always stayed aware of all the latest Hair Styling / Hair Cutting Techniques, new hot Products/Tools available as well as new Clothing Styles and Accessories on the market.
Men and women want to feel sexy, desired, and special, Joey makes this happen through a combination of all these elements written above and with his many years of experience in the field and his creative eye for staying on the “cutting edge”.
Joey observes a client’s facial features and body type and matches it to the right hairstyle, to bring out the client’s most beautiful self. His Hair philosophy is, to consistently build his knowledge and expertise in the beauty profession, while helping people from all walks of life look and feel their most beautiful BEST

Joey specializes in Hairstyling. He is available for; Haircuts, Photo Shoots, Weddings, Special Events, Fashion Shows.

Please check out Joey Oso’s Video Section and see all his latest projects. Including Behind The Scenes and lots more!

Joey takes his Hair Style expertise to your home, hotel or other locations.
Joey Oso will go wherever luscious locks are required or desired

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